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fukushima daiichi nuclear power disaster case ppt

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Lokesh Mangla Mayank Chaturvedi

OVERVIEW  The Fukushima Fukushima Daiichi uclear Disaster !as a nuclear nucl ear accident at the Fukushima " uclear #o!er #lant$inititated %rimarily &y the tsunami o' the Tohuku Tohuku earth(uake on March Ma rch ""$)*""+

 The tsunami &reached sea!alls sea!a lls o' Fukushima Fukushima #o!er #lant and caused e(ui%ment 'ailures leading to loss o' coolent 'ollo!ed &y three nuclear meltdo!ns and release o' radioactive materials+

 It is considered the largest nuclear disaster since the in'amous Cherno&yl disaster o' ",-. and !as given Level / event classi0cation on International uclear Event 1cale+

SITUATION AT THE TIME OF THE SITUATION EARTHQUAKE  The Tohuk ohuku u earth(uake earth(uake o' magnitude magnitude ,+* triggered triggered the tsunami !aves as high as 2*+3 metres+

 4t the time o' earth(uake$ reactors 2$3 and . !ere shutdo!n 'or re'ueling+

 Immediately a'ter (uake$reactors "$)$5 shutdo!n their 0ssion reactions as the sa'ety measure+

 Due to shutdo!n$the reactors "$) and 5 !ere una&le to run their coolent %um%s+

Emergency diesel generators came online$to %o!er electronics and coolant systems$ all o' !hich &ecame o%erational+  The largest tsumani !ave o' height u%to 14-15 m &reached the 10m high sea!ater !all o' the %lant $destroying generators located in the unhardened lo!6lying area+ Due to 'ailure o' coolent system$'uel rods started to melt do!n+ 4 series o' hydrogen6air chemical e7%losions occurred occurred in 8nit " on March ")th and the one in 8nit 2 on March "3th+


M449I9 T:E 4CCIDET •

Evacuation o' %o%ulation !ithin )* km$ immediately a'ter the accident+ 1ea !ater !as used in the 0rst %hase o' the accident+ In order order to cool do!n in 8nits "$ ) and 5 $'resh !ater !as continuously in;ected &oth via the 'eed !ater system lines and the 0re e7tinguishers lines into the reactor %ressure vessel< tem%eratures and %ressures !ere sta&ili=ed+ One generator at unit . !as restarted on "/ th March allo!ing some cooling at units 3 and . !hich !ere least damaged+  TE#CO started started !ork on ,th May to install a su%%orting structur structure e 'or the >oor o' the s%ent 'uel %ool o' 8nit 2+


Spreadout o Rad!oa"t!#e "o$tam!$at!o$ !$ Atmo%p&ere

Nu"'ear Spreadout !$ O"ea$ (ater


4 sam%le o' sea!ater taken on )) nd March 55*m ?)0 +!'ometer% o, t&e "oa%t'!$e "oa%t'[email protected]@ sho!ed elevated levels o' I6"5" and Cs6"5/+ Aone !ithin )*km 'rom site !as evacuated com%letely com%letel y+  Test o' soil (uality revealed the %resence o' radioactive  Test Caesium in sam%le 'rom districts o' Chiyoda and Boto+  The contents o' I6"5" !as traced in in milk and 'reshly 'reshly gro!n lea'y vegeta&les+ 4t the end o' the accident$0nancial losses reached reached a%%ro7imately u%to "3* &illion Euro+

Fukushima Daiichi Disaster strengthened the voices o' the o%%onents o' uclear Energy+

9erman Chancellor$ 4ngela Merkel announced to a&andon nuclear energy and is !orking on long term strategy to make 9ermany inde%endent o' uclear as !ell as coal +

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